I was wrong

Herring Gulls fighting over fish liver

Yup, I was wrong. During the night two trawlers came in to Klaksvík and there was a lot of work on the fish factory this morning. And suddenly there were gulls all over once again. At least 150 Iceland Gulls and 300 Herring Gulls were present in the harbour this morning.

Adult kittiwake with a mouth full of fish liver

A lot of fish liver was being washed out in the ocean and the gulls love it. So they were constantly foraging close to the factory.

3w Kumlien's Gull - note the dark wing tips on the outer primaries

In spite of the large gathering of Iceland Gulls I only managed to find four Kumlien’s Gull. It really looks like they have declined somewhat.

1w Iceland Gull feasting on liver

4w Iceland Gull with brownish outer primaries

Iceland Gull landing near the fish factorySiO




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