Sometimes it helps with some artificial light from the trawlers when it is cloudy and grey.

Today was dark and grey. And the kindergarten teachers are on a general strike, so I had to take care of the kids at home. But I looked out the window every 10 minutes – and there were still a lot of white-wingers around the fish factory.

One of the many brownies

So when my wife came home I hurried down to the factory even though it was rainy, cloudy and windy. But ironically it is easier to find the Kumlien’s Gulls in this weather – the dark markings on the adult birds are easier to see. And the gulls stay closer to the quay, so it’s only the photographing that suffers from the lack of light.

Another brownie

There were about 200 birds present today. But again there was a huge turn over. About 50 birds were so-called brown-wingers or brownies and several new Kumlien’s Gulls were present – I counted 12 today.

Yes, yet a brownie

2. winter brownie

And a reddish brownie

I don’t know what to do with these brownies. They seem to arrive simultaneously with several classic Kumlien’s Gulls, but still they do not display the classic wing-patterns of Kumlien’s Gulls. On average they are heavier built than average classic glaucoides and they tend in general to have darker iris. Could there be variation between northern and southern ssp. glaucoides in Greenland? Normally birds tend to be bigger the further north they breed…

Some rather well-marked Kumlien’s Gulls made a show today. I was allowed to go onboard a trawler, which meant that I could get really close to the birds. It was just a shame that it was so dark outside.

4. winter Kumlien's Gull

Kumlien's Gull

Wing of a Kumlien's Gull

This is cool: Rather dark Kumlien's above, medium dark Kumlien's in the middle and a Iceland Gull below.

I also found a very dark 1. winter Herring Gull – but they are next to impossible to deal with. Any suggestions?

Brown 1. winter Herring Gull

Brown 1. winter Herring Gull

Brown 1. winter Herring Gull



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  1. Missing Mojo says:

    […] has been some interesting contributions to the debate in various corners of the internet such as here and here.  All of that is without even going near the couple of 1st-winter Thayer’s Gull […]

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