Time flies

Adult Iceland Gull in Hvannasund

Time flies and it’s already weekend once again. And that means no work at the fish factories and less gulls to watch. I attended a family birthday in the morning and then I went to check the northern islands.

Even head shape is variable on those gulls...

In Klaksvík there were about 40 Iceland Gulls including two Kumlien’s Gull. In Hvannasund there were only about 25 birds left and two of them were Kumlien’s Gulls. The rather dark bird from yesterday had gone. There is a serious turn over of birds – there are new birds arriving all the time. But often they just stay for a day, then they’re gone.

A nice Kumlien's Gull - Klaksvík

At Viðareiði the long staying Bean Goose was still present. It has joined a flock of domestic geese, so it looks rather content and happy. But otherwise there isn’t much to report. But they promise more windy conditions during the week, so there might come some new birds in.

Bean Goose - Viðareiði

One of those 4. winter birds that I really struggle with. Clearly the outer primaries are darker than the inner primaries. But the greater primary coverts have the same colour as the primaries. So it is hard to say for sure that the colour on the primaries does indicate ssp. kumlieni, when the colour on the greater primary coverts obviously do not. Inputs are most welcome. Should we label all these birds ssp. kumlieni?



One comment on “Time flies

  1. Martin G says:

    Hi Silas
    You may find this link of some use. At least it’s an interesting stage in the debate


    Cheers Martin

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