A cold day

Still a lot of white-wingers around - click to enlarge!

I went out to find a female Pine Bunting. But I couldn’t find any. I checked all the Yellowhammer flocks (which means zero birds). Not even a Robin… so I ended up watching gulls once again. But I could really use a good bunting or a thrush or something for a change.

Blue skies and snow - It was a cold day today. The bird shows slightly darker p10 and p9 - but not enough for a safe kumlieni-id. In other angles the dark was not visible.

The white-winged invasion continues. In Hvannasund there were about 50 Iceland Gulls including 7 Kumlien’s Gull. I had only seen one of the Kumlien’s Gulls before so many of the old birds have departed.

Adult Iceland Gull

In Klaksvík there were still about 70 birds present including 5 Kumlien’s Gulls. The challenge is not to get two Iceland Gulls on the same picture but to get two or three Kumlien’s Gulls on the same shot – but that didn’t happen today.

2. winter Kumlien's Gull - note the contrast on the primaries - Hvannasund.


First winter Kumlien's Gull - a very confident bird - Klaksvík.


3. winter Kumlien's Gull - Klaksvík


3. winter Iceland Gull - Klaksvík




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