Storm means gulls

Klaksvík on a windy day

Yesterday night and today a storm has swept over the Faroes. It was not as strong as some of the previous ones but the direction was different so it hit our house a bit harder than earlier – so I had to do some roofing this morning. Just securing and fastening it a bit, ’cause some of the spikes had broken.

This is was it's like. There are gulls everywhere. Under these circumstances it is hard to pay a lot of attention to each and every bird - 'cause they move all the time. Click to enlarge,

But storm also means gulls. Both Iceland Gull and Glaucous Gull tend to be rather pelagic. So when I’ve been fishing with trawlers in the North Atlantic I’ve always seen loads of them during autumn and winter – but they are normally reluctant to come into the harbours. Unless a storm is coming.

The storm is even giving the eiders a hard time

So take a major invasion of Iceland Gulls going on and add a nice storm to blow the birds in – and what do you get? About 160 Iceland Gulls from the kitchen window. They are everywhere!!!

Some nice dark-eyed 2. winters and a 3. winter.

I defied the wind (still pretty strong, so all ferries and busses have been cancelled) and went down to the harbour. Quite a few birds were seeking shelter at different places, but I managed to find a least 8 Kumlien’s Gulls – but again many birds were rather distant and impossible to check properly under the windy conditions.

Kumlien's Gull

A pale and a less pale 2. winter Iceland Gull

And a dark 2. winter Kumlien's Gull

How many of these are Kumlien's Gulls? At least one, probably two and maybe three... the younger they are the harder they are to identify. The older the easier...



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