First winter kittiwake - really a lovely bird

The darkness of yesterday was just a faint memory when the sun rose this morning. It was stunning to witness the sun rise and the clear skies – but it only lasted for an hour. But I did manage to photograph some birds other than gulls today before the clouds came – but the weather during the day was still good enough for gull-watching.

Adult kittiwake in winter plumage - stunning fellow

So I checked the hood again today. I found a gorgeous shag at the pier – it was very tame and provided me with a great photo opportunity.

Note the purple colours and tones - a nice change from all the kumlien's gulls shades of grey...


Shag flashing its crest


What about the gulls…?

In Hvannasund there were 33 Iceland Gulls three of which were ssp. kumlieni. And again new birds had arrived and others departed. When I drove back to Klaksvík I noticed some white gulls on a cliff near Norðtoftir. 13 more Iceland Gulls including one Kumlien’s Gull – on a cliff in the middle of nowhere – interesting.

A very obvious Kumlien's Gull... oh no... it's just oil - beware such inconsistency!

There has been some talking about the possibility that a Thayer’s Gull shows up now. Well, is there a greater chance that a Thayer’s is discovered? I’ve discussed the matter with people and it does not seem like there is any obvious connection between the findings of Thayer’s Gulls and Iceland/Kumlien’s Gulls in WP. The species do have rather different wintering grounds after all.

Iceland Gulls roosting

But non the less the chance of finding a Thayer’s Gull is much bigger now than before the invasion – simply because I and probably a lot of other people in Europe are using much more time searching for gulls. I got offered a job at the fish factory today, because it’s like I’m always there at the moment.

A straight forward 3. winter Kumlien's Gull - Klaksvík

In Klaksvík the number of Iceland Gulls had increased to about 70 including four Kumlien’s Gulls.

Another Oiled Harrier of Hillwell... Oh no... Oiled Gull of Klaksvík


Dark second winter - could be both kumlieni and glaucoides...


4. winter Kumlien's Gull - many Kumlien's Gulls do not have symmetrical markings on both wings.


Sometimes these Iceland Gulls are not that good looking


The well marked Kumlien's Gull at Norðtoftir




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