3. winter

Now the time has come to some shots of 3. winter birds from above.

In 3. winter til birds start to get more extensive grey feather above and the bill turns yellow/greenish with a dark tip. This bird is a pale kumlieni with a ghostly pattern on the primaries and banded tail.

A dark Kumlien's Gull with a very dark tail and obvious markings on the primaries - even though moulting has not been completed.

Probably a very pale 3. winter Kumlien's Gull with dark tail and barely visible markings on the primaries - but it is hard to say for sure if the markings are due to moulting stage or if they in fact do indicate Kumlien's Gull. A 2. winter Kumlien's Gull is right below. Note the dark markings on the primaries.

Could be both a pale Kumlien's Gull or an Iceland Gull - in my opinion we'd better go for the latter.

A more obvious Kumlien's Gull where white mirrors on p9 and p10 are even visible.

Kumlien's Gull with dark markings on the primaries and dark tail.



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