Iceland Gull Aid

Iceland Gull first aid kit

After finishing some work I went out for two hours today. I went on a mission – Iceland Gull Aid. After seeing the bad condition and very aggressive behaviour of the gulls in Hvannasund I went to the fish factory in Klaksvík in order to get some fish waste.

Aggressive Iceland Gulls

Even the Kumlien's Gulls are getting picked upon

I managed to get some good waste and went to Hvannasund. Unfortunately it didn’t take me long to find another dead adult Iceland Gull – the relief effort came too late. But there were still about 30 Iceland Gulls present, and they feasted on the fish waste. Hopefully they’ll have enough energy to make it.

Sometimes the aid doesn't arrive in time

It is very hard to estimate how many birds are new. But there were several new birds compared to yesterday including two new Kumlien’s Gull in Hvannasund.

2nd winter Kumlien's Gull

3rd winter Kumlien's Gull

After the relief effort I went back to Klaksvík. There the number had increased to about 100 Iceland Gulls including four new Kumlien’s Gulls. Due to all the fish waste from the factory they seem to be in much better shape and much less aggressive than the birds in Hvannasund.

40 Iceland Gulls, 1 Glaucous Gull and a Herring Gull roosting in Klaksvík

Iceland Gulls and a Kumlien's Gull roosting

I'm not sure about this one - dark Iceland Gull or a Kumlien's Gull?

2nd winter what-ever-something.

And what about these?

Summa summarum is that there were two new Kumlien’s Gulls in Hvannasund and five new in Klaksvík. And it seems like there still is a steady flow of new arrivals and departures.



2 comments on “Iceland Gull Aid

  1. Hugh Harrop says:

    We fed ‘our’ Iceland Gulls four loaves of bread today!

  2. birdingfaroes says:

    Hm… I’m sure the fish waste er more natural. But earl grey and loaves of bread isn’t bad… Do you find any dead Iceland Gulls down south (except for Siberian Blue Robins…)…

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