Status so far

A flock of 27 Iceland Gulls including a Kumlien's Gull in the right corner and another two in the middle.

This is an extreme invasion of Iceland Gulls so far. I have tried to count all the birds I know of so far during january. They are all seen by two observers, Rockmund and I. I haven’t heard any numbers from other observers even though many people have been aware of the invasion.

The Iceland Gulls outnumber the local Herring Gulls

But status so far is that Rockmund and I have seen 664 Iceland Gulls during the last two weeks. The number of obvious Kumlien’s Gulls is 47.

We have roughly covered 50 % of the major ports at least once during the period. During the period Klaksvík went from 14 to 100 birds, so we might have checked the harbours bad days and thus getting a too low count.

So there is a lot of guessing in this, but a conservative estimate leaves us with 1328 Iceland Gulls including 94 Kumlien’s Gulls, if we say that we found 50 % of the birds present by checking 50 % of the major harbours at least once.

Another Kumlien's Gull right there!

So Norway, Poland, Estonia and maybe even Israel – be ready!

Your welcome to drop by - right now I guarantee a white view from the kitchen!


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