Obscure birds

Obscure view from the kitchen - click to enlarge!

Today I stayed on the northern islands. In Klaksvík the number of Iceland Gulls had slightly decreased – the number was now down to about 70 birds. But there is a huge turn over. Every time I check new individuals have come and others gone.

In Klaksvík there were at least 7 ssp. kumlieni today including a very interesting and dark 2. winter. Now I start to wonder how to separate Thayer’s Gull from dark Kumlien’s Gulls. ‘Cause Thayer’s might as well show up with all the Kumlien’s Gulls.

Very dark Kumlien's Gull with pale iris


Dark weird gull


Flight shot

In Hvannasund the number of Iceland Gulls had increased to at least 50 birds. The birds in Hvannasund are very aggressive and they don’t seem to find a lot of food – the fish factory is closed these days. So I bet the birds are starving – and I did find a dead adult Iceland Gull which was very skinny.

Aggressive birds

A cry for the shetlanders to bring some toast-bread - 2nd winter Iceland Gull

I’ve been asked to post some pics og 2nd winter birds and that I’ll do.

2nd winter very dark Kumlien's Gull - Hvannasund

2nd winter pale Kumlien's Gull - Klaksvík

2nd winter rather dark Kumlien's Gull

2nd winter Kumlien's Gull or Iceland Gull - I'd just call it an Iceland Gull

2nd winter Kumlien's Gull

2nd winter Iceland Gull

3rd winter Kumlien's Gull

3rd winter dark Kumlien's Gull



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