Kumlien’s Gulls

Little Auk

During the weekend I’ve checked the harbour in Klaksvík several times. Yesterday about 20 Iceland Gulls were present and today there were 14. But new birds have arrived and old friends have departed. As I checked the gulls yesterday I got a nice surprise as a Little Auk flew by – my first this year. They are regular here, but mostly seen in association with bad weather. It is one of those birds that you stumble into, but intentionally finding one is almost impossible.

As mentioned before the white-winged gulls often seek to the fish factories for food. But as these close during the weekend many gulls tend to disappear – so it was no surprise that half the Iceland Gulls were gone today.But some new Kumlien’s Gulls have shown up during the weekend.

3rd winter Kumlien's Gull


2nd winter Kumlien's Gull


Probably the same 2nd winter Kumlien's Gull as above but this picture was taken yesterday. The other one was taken today.


I am not sure whether the brownish colour is age related or in deed does indicate ssp. kumlieni.


A rather dark Herring Gull.


This image shows a rather dark first winter and a 2nd winter.





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