It just keeps getting better

Splendid view from the car!

This blogs slogan is “expect the unexpected” – and that holds true again and again here on the Faroes. If someone had asked me if I could see 20+ Iceland Gulls from my kitchen window I would probably say “NO WAY” just a few days ago. But that happened today – I counted no less than 24 Iceland Gulls and two Glaucous Gulls at the SAME time. The current invasion of white-wingers really has something to it.

White gulls on the sea and a red ring around our house - I have a really nice view over the harbour and with a scope the gulls are easily checked.

So I went down to the harbour and parked just where the fishing factory flushes out all the fish waste. I spent two hours in company with at least 30 different Iceland Gulls showing down to a few meters. In stead of writing a lot I’m just gonna post a bunch of pictures and comment a bit.

2nd winter glaucoides with pale iris

First winter. Most likely a glaucoides. Almosr impossible to tell the difference between pale kumlieni and dark glaucoides in first winter plumage.


2nd winter with dark iris.

Another 2nd winther with a dark iris. It also has some markings on the primaries. So I would call this one a Kumlien's Gull (see flight shot below).


Same as above. Not band on tail and markings on the primaries.


And finally a nice dark first winter Kumlien's Gull. The centers of the primaries were the darkest feathers over all. Futhermore it had a solid dark band on the tail.


Nice and dark.


First winter. Rather dark over all and could be both a dark glaucoides or a pale kumlieni.


Beautiful bright 3rd winter


Dark-faced first winter. Again probably a glaucoides, but could be both.


Just to complete it all: Here comes an adult.


Surely it is a gull feast at the moment!



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