Happy new year!

First winter Iceland Gull

One of the birders that really got my birdwatching going is Svend Erik Petersen. He taught german language at the high school that I attended – and when ever possible we went birding together. He had a tradition of going birding on the first of january – and what a great way of welcoming the new year!

First winter Glaucous Gull

First winter Iceland Gull

I try to carry on that tradition, but it wasn’t that easy today. It was dark, cloudy and rainy outside. But as I looked out the kitchen window I saw lots of white-winged gulls so I went out. There were a lot of them. I managed to find 10 Iceland Gulls and two Glaucous Gulls just in Klaksvík. I wonder how many birds are around the islands.

Four Iceland Gulls in a row

The 3rd winter Kumliens Gull was still present, but some of the other gulls looked interesting too. For instance an adult show faint dark markings on the primaries.

Adult Iceland Gull with faint dark markings on the primaries

Adult Iceland Gull with faint dark markings on the primaries

Immensely fat Iceland Gull

And a first winter showed a rather solid banded tail, but the primaries were not all that dark.

First winter Iceland Gull - one I'd like to see at a closer range in better light!

But most of the birds stayed quite far away, so I didn’t see them quite as good as I could wish. But tomorrow the fish factory will open again and hopefully the birds will be attracted to the waste that it produces.

The third winter Kumliens Gull was still present



2 comments on “Happy new year!

  1. HHN says:

    Dear Silas
    Happy new year to you too.
    I think that the picture that says glacous gull instead is a iceland gull because of smalheaded appearence, rounded headshape and long wingprojection beyond the tail.

  2. birdingfaroes says:

    Dear HHN

    Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, of course you’re right – it all went a wee bit to fast. Now the “real” Glaucous Gull has been posted on the blog 🙂

    Most often the wing projection is a good indicator in deed between Glaucous and Iceland Gull, but now and then you do see some Glaucous Gulls with a remarkably long primary projection – like one of todays birds.


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