More white gulls

A nice gathering of Iceland Gulls outside the window

Another storm has passed and new gulls have come in. Today I saw 8 iceland gulls from the kitchen window. The is one more than the previous record. I really like looking out the window for the moment!

Most of the iceland gulls were new compared to earlier this week. There was a new adult bird with a lot of brown colour to the head and chest and there was a new first winter with some damage to the left wing.

Adult winter ssp. glaucoides

But the most interesting bird was a 3rd winter, with some indication of kumlieni. It is not a classic 3rd winter kumlieni, but at least three different features seem to point towards kumlieni:

1) There are some dark markings on the primaries.

2) There is still signs of a dark tail-band.

3) The iris is still rather dark.

But well, have a look at the pics and make up your own minds.

Note the tail and wing tips.

Note the markings on the primaries.

Note the iris colour (admittedly a little hard to discern).



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