White-winged christmas

The wheel house has been blown off this boat!

I’m wakening up to a new gallery of wonders every morning these days. I’m not thinking of the smiles from beloved ones, but all the white gulls outside the kitchen window. This christmas passed with a lot of bad weather – 48 m/s in Klaksvík. That is a lot for sure. But once again there was no damage to the house, the car or the christmas-mood. But as the picture above shows there was some damage to boats and stuff.

The weather meant that is was almost unbirdable, but a lot of gulls had come in. Yesterday the weather was better so I went our of a two hours. The jackdaw and the bean goose were still present in Viðareiði. The goose has now joined a bunch of flightless domestics – so it might stay for an extended period. Feel free to twitch!

Adult Iceland Gull - note the red gonys spot as opposed to the 3rd winter bird

3rd winter Iceland Gull - note the bill again.


But the highlight were seven Iceland Gulls in and around Klaksvík. There was one adult, one 3rd winter, two 2nd winters and three first winter-birds. So the four age groups were nicely represented. But none of the birds were as much as alluding to the kumlieni-label.

2nd winter Iceland Gull - note pale iris (but some 2nd winter do show dark iris - maybe birds with kumlieni-influence?)

Two first winter Iceland Gulls at the back and a 2nd winter in front - note dark iris on the first winter birds.


Same birds as above but a bit closer - note the iris

But that being said seven Iceland Gulls around the Klaksvík is always nice – and this is the first larger gathering I’ve seen this winter. Hopefully there is much more to come. With Buffleheads, Ring-necked Ducks, Ross’s Gulls and other stuff at the neighbouring countries something good might show up eventually.

Happy new year by the way!

Couldn't resist uploading this nice 3rd winter Iceland Gull



One comment on “White-winged christmas

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Bad weather= good gulls although I am sorry to see the damage to that boat!

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