As dark as it gets!

Iceland Gull

The snow has come, has gone, has come and is gone again. Today it was 9 degrees celsius outside. That’s almost the average in July  (which is 11 degrees). The weather is bad once again, and a storm is coming in just now.

Christmas preparations and bad weather has left me with little time for birding. But I did check Runavík yesterday. There were two glaucous gulls and an iceland gull and another iceland gull in Kollafirði.


Today I checked Viðareiði, where there was redwing, a jackdaw and the bean goose from last week was still present. I’m still not sure about the subspecies, ’cause it really is rather big with quite an orange bill. But the neck isn’t that long and slim and the bill is heavy.

Bean Goose

Bean Goose

Bean Goose

When I came back to Klaksvík I found an iceland gull and a glaucous gull in the harbour. So I’m still waiting for the laughing ivory. Meanwhile I’m really looking forward to see the movie “The big year” and “The Hobbit”… And if you’re bored do this to kill some time:

1. Go to google maps.
2. Make sure your language setting is English (not Icelandic, Faroese, Hebrew, Danish, German, and so on)
3. Press “Get directions” and make sure they are for walking.
4. Write “The Shire” in “Start adress” and “Mordor” in destination.
5. Laugh.

I'm dreaming of a white christmas - a smaller and even more white one!

The good thing is that this is as dark as it gets – and soon it will be spring and birding will once again be exciting!

Merry christmas to ya all – drottinn blessi heimilið!



One comment on “As dark as it gets!

  1. Ómar says:

    Gleðileg jól og farsælt nýtt fuglaár !

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