Water Rails

I had a meeting today in Tórshavn so I left Klaksvík early in order to get time to do some work and maybe do a little birding. It was snowing cats and dog so it was very hard to drive over the pass of Gøtueiði – and no less than five cars had slipped of the road. When 10 cm of snow falls in 10  minutes it is difficult to keep the roads open.

But with studded tires and low speed I reached Tórshavn. First I checked Sandagerði, where two 1. cy Iceland Gulls were present. Then I checked the plantation, where I easily found the two Water Rails that were seen yesterday. One of them was not so shy, so I obtained some photos.

Then I checked some other shots for gulls, ducks and stuff, but nothing… I couldn’t find the falcon from a few days ago, so it remains an aves sp.


One comment on “Water Rails

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    I didn’t know that Water Rails turned up on the Faroes.

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