I hit the target!

A nice, cold and sunny day is almost over. Snow is still covering the ground and I had to walk through 40 cm of snow just to get to the car this morning. There are no accessible lakes on the northern isles so my only options for birding is to check the harbours, the ocean or walk along streams. The gardens are a waste of time now.

Enkeltbekkasin - Jack Snipe - Lítil Mýrisnípa - Jänkäkurppa - Κουφομπεκάτσινο - Dvergsnípa - Küçük su çulluğu - Гаршнеп - Bécassine sourde - חרטומית גמדית

There is a small stream just 5 minutes away from our house, which often contains good birds – especially when there has been snow for a while. Today I check the stream – and I hit the jackpot. This winters first Jack Snipe was foraging along the stream. This was even a rather confident one which allowed me to get some reasonable pictures.

Jack Snipe rocks!

I also checked Borðoyavík, where there was a Great Northern Diver. And of course the harbour was checked, but there were only a few gulls present, ’cause all the ships are out fishing.

Jack Snipe - Lítil mýrisnípa

The falcon from yesterday in Tórshavn had the size of a small gull. It’s getting more and more interesting. But it hasn’t been seen today, but two Water Rails were seen in the plantation. Jack Snipes and Water Rails… winter is here…

A Herring Gull and the majestic peaks of Nestindar on Kallsoy seen from Klaksvík



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