Beautiful male faroese eider!

Today I gave 5 lessons on ornitholog and the faroese birds to about 25 faroese tourist guides in Tórshavn. It was a lot of teaching but it went well.

But lessons first started in the afternoon so I went birding earlier in the day. First I checked Toftavatn, where a female pochard was still present along with 20 tufted ducks. In the southern part of the lake two slavonian grebes were also present.

Female pochard

Then I checked Rituvík and Æðuvík. The only bird of note was a water rail at Æðuvík. And a 1 cy Glaucous Gull and a Great Northern Divere were in Runavík harbour.

Millum Fjarða I found a common golden eye and grey heron.

Grey Heron is fishing

I then continued to Eiði. A stunning count of 56 noisy whooper swans were present on the lake. A few tufted ducks, a male pochard and 3 wigeons were also present.

Rossicus and albifrons

All of a sudden 12 geese came flying over and landed not to far away. And in was Bingo… or beango once again. A tundra bean goose and 11 european greater white-fronted geese together – not bad at all. The goose invasion continues!

Rossicus and albifrons


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