Storms never last

Container and a boat blown away in the storm

We’ve had a windy night. We had up to 64 m/s (143 mph), which is quite a lot. A lot of damage has happened, but the wind direction was good for us, so no damage to our house or car.

It couldn't handle the wind

The wind came from southwest, so I don’t expect that the storm has given a lot of birds. I managed to check the harbour today even though the wind speed was still up to 29 m/s, but I only found the same glaucous gull as a few days ago.

Glaucous Gull - with some herring genes?

The Faroe Islands are a part of the kingdom of Denmark (even if we like it or not), but it was quite funny to see that a Danish national tv-station did mistake us for Shetland 🙂

Denmark claims the best british birding spot to be part of the kingdom of Denmark

I’ll post a few pics from the storm. And maybe something good will turn up after all. Iceland has two Laughing Gull just now, so maybe there is one around here too.

Road block


We lost hundreds of trees - which means that the warblers will be easier to find


Roof on the road


The worst storm for more than 20 years!





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