More geese

Albifrons greater white-fronts

Well, nothing much to report. I checked Toftavatn a few days ago and found an ad. female Pochard and a few tufted ducks. In Rituvík there were 7 european albifrons greater white-fronted geese. And today another 7 where present at Viðareiði. So the total of european white-fronts is about 32 birds on the Faroes this autumn. And still only two bean geese have been seen.

Eastern chiffchaff

When it comes to warblers it has almost ended. I haven’t found any blackcaps for a few days now, and today I only saw two chiffies – face it – it is over. But one of the two chiffies did look rather eastern after all.

Great Northern Diver (juv.)

It seems like a great grey shrike was photographed on the 4th november at Viðareiði, but I haven’t seen the pics yet. Otherwise there isn’t much to tell. But in exactly one month it is getting brighter and hopefully this winter will provide us with some “cold weather movements”, so there will be something good out there eventually.




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