U never know

The only pipits left on the rocks!

We didn’t get southeasterlies in october. But november took revenge and gave us southeasterlies non stop. Today the wind turned to a more direct east, which is very good for the Northern Islands (not the Hebrides by the way, but Borðoy, Viðoy, Fugloy, Svínoy, Kallsoy). It is normal when wind directions change after being the same for a long period some birds arrive. And today was no exception.

A stunning bird - Goldfinch!

We only have three hours when the light is good enough for both birdwatching and photographing, so it is not possible to check a whole lot of locations. So I started checking our garden, where a juvenile white wagtail was fouraging. Then I went to Viðareiði, where I found a few fieldfares, chiffies and robins.

I hurried south to Árnafirði. After a while a familiar bird came flying in and sat down just a few meters away from me. One of the most beautiful birds ever… a Goldfinch! It was almost a candidate to be a cage-bird, ’cause it was not shy at all. So I got some nice shots of the bird. I think about 23 Goldfinches have been seen so far in October and November – a true influx!

So nice that it deserves one more picture!

I went back to the car and drove out of the village. As I was driving a huge thrush flew by the car. From behind it was brown with slightly lighter rump. Yes, it had to be a Mistle Thrush. I got out of the car and relocated the bird. Yes, it was a nice Mistle Thrush – the 11th record for the Faroes! I have seen a few before but never submitted any – so officially this will be my first Mistle Thrush…

11th record of Mistle Thrush on the Faroes

So even though dusky and humes are still out of sight I had a few good hours out there…





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