Whoopers at Viðareiði

Tempora mutantur et nos in illis. Time is changing and we with it.


It is time to face it. The world has changed. It is winter. Migration has ended… I don’t care if Shetland has loads of humes’ or dusky warblers and if Iceland has an isabelline shrike – I can’t find any quality birds around here.

Long-eared owl at Viðareiði

Or maybe it is the combination of short days, a lot of work and cold and clear nights that cause me to see nothing good. Or maybe I am a little to pessimistic. I have been to Viðareiði, where I found a very nice long-eared owl, 7 european white-fronted geese, 2 blackcaps and 4 chiffchaffs. And in Árnafirði there were a chiffchaff and a common scoter… so well, there are still birds around.

Long-eared owl at Viðareiði

It would just be very nice to end the autumn with one last rarity – like a dusky or a humes… We’ll see…



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