When I look at the time and date is says 9th of november. But when I got outside it’s 10 degrees celsius, there are still leafs on many trees and the wind comes from southeast. Blackcaps still show up in the garden – it still feels much more like autumn than winter which is good!

I haven’t managed to get out a lot during the last week regrettably. Today I gave a lesson on ornithology at a highschool and after that I went birding for a few hours. First I checked Lamba where I found a few blackcaps and some goldcrests. Then I went to Toftavatn. About 15 whooper swans were singing and created a nice atmosphere – perfect for checking the group of aythya-ducks on the lake.

I started checking and soon I found myself looking at three species of aythya, which is always a good achievement on the Faroes. But the trio was just made up of a pochard, a greater scaup and a good bunch of tufted ducks – but nice anyways.

I moved on to Rituvík, where I found another few blakcaps and flushed a long-eared owl from a garden. Æðuvík also contained blackcaps, but no megas…

There wasn’t much light today, so the pics are taken with very high iso-settings… so they’re pretty horrible… sorry.



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