Redwing flashing its bling

One of the fascinating aspects of birdwatching is migration. You never know what might show up and you don’t know where birds come from. An exception is when you find a bird that has been ringed. I’ve seen yellow-browed, wood, willow warbler and chiffchaff with a ring on their leg. But I didn’t see the rings good enough to be sure where they came from. I have found a lesser whitethroat with a norwegian ring and it was probably caught on Utsira and I’ve found a sanderlig that was ringed in Ghana.


Today I got out for two hours. I hurried to Viðareiði where I was greeted by a lot of thrushes. About 400 redwings, 50+ blackbirds, a few fieldfares and a songthrush where seen. One of the redwings was flashing its bling. I tried to get close and get some photos but it is almost impossible to get good enough photos to read was the ring says. So it was all in vain.

Song thrush

Besides the thrushes a few chiffchaffs, skylarks, blackcaps, a northern lapwing, a white wagtail and a pink-footed goose were found.


But the highlight came when a sparrowhawk flew over the village hunting starlings while being chased by crows. Sparrowhawk is a scare visitor, so it is always a nice surprise to see one. But I was hoping for a desert wheatear, a dusky warbler or a pine bunting… One of them has to be out there .




2 comments on “Bling!

  1. Martin G says:

    your ringed Redwing is surely an Icelander don’t you think?

    • birdingfaroes says:

      Yes, I think it is an icelander as it is rather dark over all… so it is probably wearing a ring from Iceland.

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