Wood pigeon

Southeasterlies have been dominant for some days now . Blackcaps even started to turn up in my garden yesterday – which is a very bad garden for warblers by the way. Surely birds had come in. So I went to Svínoy today. The weather was not too good. It was foggy and rained now and then. But there were good numbers of migrants around.


First I checked the gardens where I found 7 blackcaps, a goldcrest, a dunnock, two chiffchaffs including one siberian tristis-type, a woodcock, two skylarks and three jackdaws. While I checked the gardens two goldfinches flew over and later I got a really nice picture of one of them. Or maybe I should join a Shetland Wildlife on one of their photo-trips in order to learn how to take good pics…

The best goldfinch-picture ever taken on Svínoy

Later a wood pigeon flew in and an iceland gull also flew over the village. Svínoy has a tradition of having a few “white” crows – today I managed to three of them together.

Siberian chiffchaff

Towards the end of the day I flushed a bunting, but it didn’t call and was very skulky. It was probably a reed bunting, but I never saw it properly… But all in all it was a good day with several scarce species but no real rarities.





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