A nice day

Probably a pale kumliens gull

A nice and sunny day dawned upon us  as we headed for Sandvík this morning. It was really nice finally to get some good weather and the birds seemed happy too. At least they were scattered all around searching for food. In Sandvík we saw waxwing, dunnock, 2 lesser whitethroats and several blackcaps – even though numbers generally had declined since yesterday. The best bird was probably a rather “kumliens gull”ish iceland gull. It had a black bill, obvious tail-band and rather dark primaries – so it is a good kumliens candidate even though the primaries could be darker.

Siberian chiffchaff type

We used several hours checking Hvalba, where we saw wood dove, garden warbler, willow warbler, 2 reed buntings, 1-2 woodcocks, 2 tristis chiffchaffs, jackdaw and yellow-browed warbler.

After Hvalba we checked Trongisvágur, where we saw 4 redpolls, jackdaw , glaucous gull, brent goose and Søren spotted a sparrowhawk .

We then checked Fámjin, where we saw yet another jackdaw, a lesser whitethroat, a song thrush, a slavonian grebe, a great northern diver and a few long-tailed ducks.

Reed bunting

Then we went to Sumba. As I checked the shoreline I heard a familiar “tzriiip” call and a I saw a wagtail flying towards me. It followed the shore and passed about 20-30 meters away from me. Double white wingbars, white undertail coverts and belly, and a long tail confirmed that it was a citrine wagtail and not an eastern yellow. But I was quite surprised to see that it had yellow colour on the throat and breast – so it was clearly and adult. But as the yellow was rather limited I thought of it as a female, but that cannot be determined for sure according to some.

The bird had probably just come in from the ocean and it continued northwest along the shore. I didn’t see if it went down and I couldn’t relocate it later on. So it probably didn’t like Sumba and continued to Fámjin or maybe even to Iceland?

About 30 bramblings were seen today

Hopefully it will make an appearance tomorrow. But the fact is that I’ve now seen 4 species of wagtail in october and besides that both yarrellii and alba white wagtails have been seen! So now I’m just waiting for a forest wagtail!



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