Close but no cigar

Rather pale yellow-browed warbler

Today we started checking Sandvík. The weather was cloudy but there was no wind. Soon we learned that a lot of birds had arrived. We soon found about 20 blackcaps, a waxwing, a dunnock, 3 chiffchaffs and a siberian chiffchaff – and all of a sudden Søren caught a glimpse of a pipit that probably was a pechora pipit. So we used some time trying to relocate the bird, but we couldn’t find it.

So we decided to go to Hvalba and then return to Sandvík later. In Hvalba we found more than 30 blackcaps, a few chiffchaffs including one tristis, 1 goldfinch, 1 hawfinch, 1 wood dove, 1 yellow-browed warbler and two late willow warblers.

First waxwing this autumn

We then returned to Sandvík but we still couldn’t find the pechora pipit – but well, it was just a pechora… If it had been something rare like a richard’s pipit or something we might have used the day trying to relocate it… but we went to check Fámjin, Hov, Porkeri and Sumba – and all in all we saw 12 chiffchaffs (two ssp. tristis),  78 blackcaps, 2 jackdaws, the long staying red-backed shrike and garganey and about 15 bramblings…

Rather pale yellow-browed warbler

So we say a lot of birds today, but it was only close but no cigar…



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