Goldcrests have arrived in small numbers

The southeasterly winds are starting to give results. But birding conditions are diffucult with lots of wind and occational showers. But we are determined to find someting, so Søren and I checked Hvalba this morning. And the result of the southeasterly winds were obvious. 14 blackcaps, 1 late garden warbler, 1 chiffchaff and one jackdaw (ssp. spermogolus) made it clear, that birds had arrived.


In Nes we found a 1 cy glaucous gull and Fámjin produced a few more blackcaps, 4 goldcrests and the tristis chiffchaff and the red-backed shrike were still present.

Siberian chiffchaff - ssp. tristis

Then we went to Hov, where we saw two bamblings, 1 male chaffinch, 1 goldcrest and a few more blackcaps. But todays big surprise came in Porkeri, where I found a 1 cy wood sandpiper – my first and the 8th ever on the Faroes at an unexpected date. It was feeding along some domestic ducks in a garden.

Wood Sandpiper - the 8th record for the Faroes

Later on we checked Sumba and the pattern was the same. Blackcaps, bamblings, goldcrests and a late spotted flycatcher.

A weird blackcap with white feathers

All in all a reasonably good day with good numbers of warblers (34 blackcaps for instance), but the variety could have been better. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some true rarities during the next days as the wind continues to be good for at least a day or so!



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