Finally southeasterlies

Rather dark iceland gull

Yesterday we moved from Streymoy to Suðuroy, but we started the day in the plantation in Tórshavn. We saw a common crossbill and a mandarin duck there. Later we took the ferry to Suðuroy. We did some seawatching from the ferry and saw a few blue fulmars, several kittiwakes and two puffins.

Interesting greater scaup

We came to Suðuroy and checked Hvalba right away. We found an interesting greater scaup along with some tufted ducks. In the village there were a few blackcaps and chiffchaffs. Then we went to Sumba, where we saw a few more blackcaps, chiffchaffs and a 1 cy iceland gull that was rather dark – but I do not dare to call it a kumliens gull.

Red-backed Shrike

Today we started in Fámjin, where we found a red-backed shrike, a Siberian chiffchaff and some common warblers. Later we checked Sumba, where we found two goldfinches. After Sumba we went out to Akraberg – the southernmost point of the Faroes. On the way there we saw 8 blackcaps feeding and resting on a grass field in the middle of nowhere – surely they had just come in.

The wind has been strong from southeast all day and it looks like it will continue for a few more days – so we hope for the arrival of many continental birds – and today was a good warm up. October has been rather tough for us as the wind has been wrong all the time – at least that’s how it feels. But just before deadline it seems to change.


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