We’re waiting. There last days we’ve just been waiting for the for southeasterly winds to kick in. If the forecast only showed northerly winds I’d probably say: That’s if for this autumn! But now they’re promising southeasterly winds for a week during the end of the month, so even though most migrants have peaked there still is a chance for a late jewel – Shetland is currently enjoying a male Siberian ruby for its third day… so there’s hope for something here too.

Yesterday Søren and I checked Streymoy and Vágar. We found the latest ever common rosefinch, several chiffchaffs, blackcaps and a late willow warbler, but nothing else to brag about.

Today we checked Sandoy, where we saw a ruff, a brent goose and good numbers of ducks including a presumed hybrid greater scaup x tufed duck. Comments on the id are welcome.

But it is just an intermezzo – we’re waiting for the next wave of migrants to occur during the next few days!

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