Winter for a day

The semipalmated sandpiper survived the first snow and was feeding successfully

Yesterday Søren and I went to Svínoy. The snow was covering the ground and it was really cold and windy. Winter really kicked in. The night had been clear so I expected that all the warblers had gone.

The strong northerly winds that brought the snow and freezing temperatures had their benefit though. First we found a 1 cy glaucous gull on Svínoy bay and later we also found a 2 cy iceland gull. Winter was a reality – but luckily is was just a brief appetizer. Temperatures have already increased and the snow has gone in the valleys.

As expected there weren’t many warblers on Svínoy, but we found a chiffchaff, 2 blackcaps, 1 skylark and the bird of the day was a 1 cy grey wagtail.

Yellow-browed Warbler

Today we went to Eysturoy. We found 4 chiffchaffs and two blackcaps and Eiði, a yellow-browed warbler at Lamba, a pied flycatcher in Rituvík and 9 slavonian grebes at Skálabotnur.

A late pied flycatcher

After Eysturoy we checked Viðareiði were we relocated the semipalmated sandpiper efter a few minutes but due to the fading light we didn’t see any other birds there. But a 3 cy iceland gull flew past the car at Hvannasund.

Semipalmated sandpiper - fitjugrælingur

Semipalmated sandpiper - fitjugrælingur


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