Sideways on Suðuroy

The harrier

Birding on the Faroes is NEVER what you expect. Our last confirmation of this thesis was this evening, when Søren bought 3 chocolate cakes. We sat down with a cup of coffee and the cakes to enjoy a nice evening – untill we found out that the cakes were loaded with gorgonzola-cheese… dhsXXhaXXøæoigXXæhb.

But todays birding was good compared to the other days. First we checked Sandvík. After 30 minutes Mads found a harrier above the village. We saw it for a short while before it disappeared. After 30 minutes it came back and it was identified as a hen harrier-type. It is probably the same bird as the one I found at Fámjin on the 19th september. We suspect the bird to be an (american), (northern), (marsh) hudsonian harrier. The reason for this is for instance the saturated orange colour underneath, the rather dark head, the dark chocolate-brown colours above and the big white rump-spot. But admittedly we’ll need better pics of the underwing to get it accepted. I hope we’ll get these good pics soon.

Weird phyllo!

After waiting for the harrier for a few hours we went to Hvalba. Soon I located a weird chiffchaff with a yellow rump, bright yelliw-ish eyebrow and dark wings – maybe resembling iberian chiffchaff to some extent. Comments are welcome.

Weird phyllo!

15 minutes later Søren found a 1 cy yellow  wagtail in the village. Is it possible to determine the subspecies?

Juvenile yellow wagtail

After that we checked most of the villages south of Hvalba, but we only saw a few common warblers and a few shorebirds. On no, I found two more goldfinches at Sumba and Mads found another one in Trongisvágur – so we’ve seen 10 birds now!

Goldfinches in Sumba

But it is not just the chocolate cakes that are a bit sideways here. How come we find a garganey when blue-winged teal should be more likely? Why do we find a yellow wagtail, when six citrine wagtails and no yellow wagtails have been seen since 2007?

Hopefully some real rarities turn up soon!



One comment on “Sideways on Suðuroy

  1. Dave Pullan says:

    Palm Warbler!

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