No more west!

I was checking the gardens for warbler while Søren...

Well, I hate westerly winds. From mid september there were yellow-browed all over the place. But from first october we’ve only had westerly or northerly winds – and birding has been accordingly. A few yellow-browed lingered to about 7th october, but then we had clear weather and temperatures down to almost zero – and snow it mountains. That kicked the last warblers away from our islands. And since then we’ve had southwesterlies to westerlies all the time. So only very few birds have arrived since then. So I’ve felt like giving up – the autumn is over.

Yesterday night was clear with full moon (almost). So today we didn’t find a single warbler on Suðuroy. It really is quite depressing when you know, that the gardens could be loaded with birds if the wind only came from southeast.

A rather late garganey...

But the trick is not to give up. There has to be something good out there. And we’ve been birding all day. In Sandvík we saw a long-tailed duck and two slavonian grebes. In Hvalba Søren found two goldfinches and at Vágur Mads found a garganey – a very late and unexpected record. Another good bird was a yarelli white wagtail, which is uncommon here. But that is pretty much it – hopefully something better will turn up in the days to come.

Yarelli white wagtail (1 cy)



7 comments on “No more west!

  1. Rodmund á Kelduni says:

    Well, sad to hear that Suðuroy isn´t living up to it´s normal standards at the moment.
    There are still some of the usual warblers and lot´s of vaders to see here on Vagar, and surely the next wave of warblers can´t be that far away 😉

    I do belive, that you mean that the late Gargany was found at the town Vagur on Suðuroy and not the western island Vágar ?

    • birdingfaroes says:

      Hehe, yes you are right. It was not seen at Vágar, but Vágur… amazing how big a difference one letter can make 🙂

      Hopefully something good will be out there soon, but the wind does not look all too promising and we’re soon running out of time for a lot of classic autumn migrants 😦

  2. THH says:

    Your wagtail looks older than 1cy…

    • birdingfaroes says:

      You might be right. The reason why we suspected it to be a 1 cy was the yellowish colour tone on the head – but it varied with the light and was not always too obvious.

      • birdingfaroes says:

        We’ve studied some more pics and the bird has moult contrast in the wing an therefore it is a 1 cy. The black nape and crown are indicative of 1 cy yarrellii.

  3. Mike Watson says:

    Hoping for something nice for you guys soon – see there were 5 bluetails on the UK east coast today!!!!! Best regards, Mike

  4. Mike Watson says:

    …and 50 (!!!!!!!!!) Short-eared Owls in off the sea at Titchwell in Norfolk…

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