The new word

One of two "diluted" hooded crows on Svínoy

We went up early this morning. After all we were on Svínoy. If I should pick one spot where I should watch birds on the Faroes it would be Svínoy. There is always something to see out there. Its steep cliffs rise hundreds of meters and are visible to the birds coming from the east. And the shape of the island ensures that all the warblers gather in the gardens, ditches and tall grass near the village.

A very late Marsh Warbler

This morning we set up two mist nets to try to catch the warbler from yesterday. We didn’t succeed in catching it, but we soon obtained good views of the bird. It was an acro with a long primary projection, faint eyebrow, rather stout bill and it had no reddish-brown colours – so it was a marsh warbler. It is only the 6th ever for the Faroes and the latest ever – the first bird ever seen in october.

While we put up the mist nets a goldfinch was sitting in a pine tree (one of the two pines on Svínoy). It is th 5th bird in 9 days and the 9th record for the Faroes – with 3 birds on Iceland and 5 birds here it is in order to talk about an invasion. And for once the Faroes and Iceland beat Shetland – as there according to Mike Pennington haven’t been any records this autumn.

Mads caught and ringed a blackcap

Tomorrow our plan is to head for Sandoy and then Suðuroy – it is time for some really good birds. And what was that new word that I alluded to in the headlines? It is the word shit-hit. It is a rarity on the Faroe Islands that is common elsewhere in Western Europe. So Mads is getting a bit tired when Søren and I celebrate birds like lesser redpoll, marsh warbler, red-breasted flycatchers and GOLDFINCHES 🙂




One comment on “The new word

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Very nice shot of that March Warbler.

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