Olive-backed pipit

Today we left Mykines with the chopper at 10 am. We then checked Sørvágur where the red-breasted flycatcher was still present. In Miðvágur Mads finally connected with a yellow-browed warbler and a spotted flycatcher was also present.

Our plan was to head back to Klaksvík, but before that we had to pick up some things that we had left behind in Sandavágur. While we picked up the things Mads was left downtown Sandavágur and soon en called us: Olive-backed pipit!!!

We hurried back to the garden where Mads had found the bird and after a while we relocated the bird. It was more than obliging. As Søren put it: I had to wear my reading glases to see the bird! Seriously the pipit was seen nearer than the focus-area of his bins – it was no farther away than 1,5 m away in a tree.

I also saw it at a very close range even though it didn’t pose  the camera. It stayed in some pine trees, but is was not shy what so ever. It was even heard calling 5 times!

Later we checked Viðareiði, where we saw two blackcaps, two chiffchaffs and three lapland buntings.



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