Blue skies!

Yellow-browed and blue skies

They say that the way you behave decides the weather on your birthday. Today my wife turned 30 and the sun was shining from a blue sky from dawn to dusk – really a contrast to yesterdays rain and wind. I would really have liked to go to Svínoy today, but some things are more important than birds – so we’ve celebrated a nice birthday and tomorrow friends and family will stop by.

But I did get permission to go for a short trip to Viðareiði, Hvannasund, Árnafirði and Kunoy. It was obvious that new birds had come in as the number of chiffchaffs was the highest so far this year (about 15) and no willow or barred warblers were found. I also managed to find two yellow-browed warblers, lots of blackcaps and a few garden warblers – but (maybe due to time pressure) I didn’t find any rarities even though they have to be out there.

Long-tailed duck

But Shetland has almost 100 birders around the islands just now I’ve heard, so they should find 100 times as many birds as I do. Todays star bird was a confident long-tailed duck.

The forecast does not look like neighter a disaster or a wonder beyond measure. Southerlies, briefly southeasterlies, then westerlies… I think it will bring in some birds, but not the magnificent arrivals we’ve seen easlier in september.

In two days time Mads and Søren will join me. First we’ll do some birding on Vágar and then we’ll go to Mykines. It will be very interesting to see what we’ll find out there – there is no a single tree or scrubbery – only grass, rocks and some houses.



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