Bring it on!

I only managed to get out for 40 minutes today. Our daughter as caught the fewer and my wife has to work on an assignment – so not much birding time at the moment. But those 40 minutes were rather awesome. I went to Kunoy. It is not a migration hot spot, but it is isolated and functions as a magnet for birds. Furhtermore there are only a few gardens in the village itself, so it is rather easy to check.

I soon found one, two, three and four yellow-browed warblers, one willow warbler and three blackcaps. One of the yellow-browed was rather pale, but a few individuals tend to be somewhat paler than average without being hume’s leaf warblers. The earliest norwegian record of a hume’s is 2nd october (Sula, Sør-Trøndelag), but there is a danish record from 30th september – so maybe we don’t have to wait all to long before the first hume’s for the faroes appears!

The weather forecast looks really odd. Right now we have southerly winds and 13 degrees celsius, which is a lot! Later in the week we’ll get some southwesterlies and then it will turn to northwesterlies – that is bad. But hopefully there will be some birds around, when Mads Bunch and Søren Sørensen will join me for some intensive birding and ringing!



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