Blyth’s reed warbler

I’m speachless… or maybe not. But it looks like I’ve added two new birds to the Faroese list in two days. Yesterday one of the yellow-browed turned out to be a greenish warbler – thanks Frank and Geir. The story can be read here!  

Today I checked Viðareiði: Nothing. Hvannasund: Two yellow-browed warblers. Árnafjørður: One yellow-browed, one barred warbler, two willows, several blackcaps and a blyth’s reed warbler. It stayed most of the time in a fuchsia and was very hard to see well. But suddenly it came out into some herbs and I got some pics. First of all it didn’t have the typical reddish-brown colour of most reed warblers, but a more sandy-greyish colour on the back. Secondly it had a rather distinct superlicium. Thirdly the primaryprojection was short. If accepted it will be the first for the Faroes.

Comments on the id are welcome!


One comment on “Blyth’s reed warbler

  1. Certainly looks like one. It has the banana posture in the first picture, and the longish bill is apparent in the second picture. With the short primary projection and the other features you noted it seems a good claim.

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