Common rosefinches

My oldest daughters kindergarden is right next to a plantation. This morning when I dropped her of I took a brief walk in the plantation – and a nice yellow-browed warbler was fouraging in there. The first this autumn and the first real classic east asian migrant – man it is just a nice bird.

After a while I went out birding. At Oyri I found a common rosefinch and two willow warblers. I then headed on to Ànirnar, where a barred warbler put on quite a show. Then I went to Árnafirði where there was one willow warbler, two blackcaps, a garden warbler and two common rosefinches.

Then I went to Hvannasund, where there were two garden warblers and a willow warbler. And at last I checked Viðareiði, where there were yet another two common rosefinches, barred warbler, lesser whitethroat and several garden warblers, willow warblers and blackcaps. Surely a lot of birds around and one can only imagine what is out on Svínoy.

Seven other common rosefinches have been seen since the beginning of august – bringing the totalt to a cracking total of 14 common rosefinches in just 3½ weeks – it really lives up to its name COMMON (as David Channell pointed out of facebook).

Tomorrow I head for Suðuroy for the weekend, so the next update probably want be before monday evening – but hopefully some good birds have been found before then! At least the UK is loaded with american shorebirds and some really good easterly wind will hit our shores the next days!


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