Wind and rain

It has been really windy and rainy the last two days. So birding has been almost impossible. But prior to that we had some really good southeasterly winds that brought in the putative sykes’s warbler and a lot of commoner migrants.

I wouldn’t expect them to depart right away due to the bad conditions, so I went out for a few hours today. First I checked Viðareiði, where some 500 turnstones, 3 knots and about 10 dunlins were on a field. In the village there was a nice juv. red-backed shrike, but it only gave distant views before departing. Always nice to see a red-backed shrike. Otherwise there were a few willow and garden warblers. But conditions were quite bad with rain and wind all day – so lots of birds probably stayed hidden in the scrubs.

One bird that wasn’t in a scrub was a young peregrine falcon, that was caught on the 2nd september east of the Faroes on a trawler. It is now held in a cage at Viðareiði. I advised the owners to release the bird – hopefully they’ll do exactly that.

Common rosefinch - roðaígða

In Hvannasund there was a common rosefinch and in Kunoy there were yet another common rosefinch and a flock of garden warblers 🙂

A flock of Garden warblers in their natural habitat - tamarc road

With these numbers of migrants there has to been some rarities out there – and Iceland finally harvested the much expected pallid harrier today. I surely hope to find one too, as it would be the second first for the Faroes in a week. But I do not have high hopes. I’m not able to go to Svínoy as I come back to late to pick up the kids in kindergarten and the wife has gone on a camp for 3 days…

But hopefully some yanks will be at Suðuroy, where I’m gonna spend the weekend 🙂 By the way I expect a lot of rarities found in the UK as 3 million workers are about to go on strike – I bet they’re all birders!



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