Skulky like Gadaffi

If there is one thing hippos know it is how to hide – like Gadaffi. I spent most of the day monitoring the garden, where the hippo from yesterday was found. For the first hour I saw nothing. Then I tried to play the call of sykes’s warbler and immediately the bird answered and gave stunning but short views.

But it kept conceiled all the time. It was very active in the top of the trees. But as there were constantly branches or leaves in front of it is was almost impossible to get any photos. And it only showed itself once every hour or so for a few seconds.

But when it hopped around twitching its tail it was possible to see it quite well. For instance the primary projection was very short, I couldn’t see any black on the lower mandible and the tertials had a bit of contrast to them.

It called much more frequently today. Probably because there were also a lesser whitethroat, a blackcap, some willow warblers and a wren in the garden today.

It never came out in the open or exposed itself, but I got some more crappy pics.



2 comments on “Skulky like Gadaffi

  1. This look like a Sykes`s Warbler.

    Geir Mobakken

  2. Justin Lansdell says:

    Call, structure, behaviour etc all fit Sykes’s Warbler very well. Well done on a great find.

    Justin Lansdell (Norfolk, UK)

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