Today was a nice day. I woke up early with the kids and my reward was that I got to go out to do some birding. First I went to Árnafirði were 3 willow warblers and a common rosefich popped out of the first scrub I checked. Surely new birds had come in. But I didn’t find anything really exciting, and I had to go home to take the oldest to sunday school.

Because of the fact that I am a theologian I often work on sundays and to day I had a meeting and a sermon in the evening at Eiði. That gave me the oppertunity to check Eysturoy. First I went to Æðuvík, but there was nothing to report. Then I went to Rituvík, where I checked the gardens.

At one point I saw a small passerine. It was a small hippo. It was staying in a mature garden with several tall trees. It only put on a show for a few seconds at the time and was very shy – and very very very difficult to observe.

I noticed first of all the size. It seemed to have the size of a willow warbler – but was somehow slimmer and longer-tailed. The back was sandy-grey-browish and the throat and belly were pure white it seemed. It had no green or yellow colour-tones, and I suppose that excludes both icterine and melodious warbler (as size does). It had a “not all to obvious” eyebrow, but it was still visible both behind and in front of the eye. The legs seemed dark. It stayed almost entirely in the top of the trees. Only once in went to to a scrubbery and it was never seen on the ground. It called several times with a clean “teck” similar to the sound you get when you knock two small rocks agains each other.

Below you can see some pics.

I think it is a sykes’s warbler. The bill seems really heavy. The evebrow doesn’t seem strong enough for a booted. It didn’t have the tail movements or the size of a olivaceous warbler, the throat and belly seemed pure white and the call was a clear “teck”. Comments on the id are most welcome.



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