Easterly winds!

Time for an update. The last few days have been cold. Northerly winds have swept over the rocks and that doesn’t rock at all! I have been looking for additional two-barred crossbills at Kunoy, but none were found. I guess it’s just a lucky punch that I came across the sole male the other day.

Last night is was calm along the norwegean west cost. Later in the night strong easterly to southeasterly winds were dominant over the North Sea. This forecast should bring some migrants to our shores. So I went to Svínoy this morning. Yesterday night is was clear, so most birds present would probably leave.

"HMS" Ritan - the ferry to Svínoy (the name means kittiwake)

The distance to Norway is about 580 km from Svínoy and experience tells me that new birds start to arrive at about  13.00. So I didn’t expect to see much before 13.00. And I only managed to see a willow warbler for the first few hours on the island. But at 12.30 a wet and tired turtle dove came in and sat down besides a concrete wall. Within an hour a barred warbler, a garden warbler, a reed warbler and a few willow warblers popped up in the eastermost garden. But sadly at about 14.00 it started raining for real and wind speed was about 15 m/s from southeast. The result was that birding was very difficult, so I didn’t manage to find any more birds. And it looked like the birds I found just rushed into the more mature gardens. They probably needed some private time to rest. It is really a shame that I can’t go out there again tomorrow, ’cause something really good has come in!



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