Rehearsal is over…

My wife climbed this peak today

Tomorrow we enter the period that I’ve been waiting for the entire year – september and october. It is the period were one days birding can be equally good as an entire months birding at other times of year! And it looks like september will have a good start as the wind is southeasterly. Admittedly it is not looking as good as around the 25th august, because the wind does not come all the way from the mainland and it soon shifts from southeast to south and later southwest. But it is september so  a weather pattern like this should bring some birds.

WW - wood and willow

Yesterday I went to Svínoy. I knew that it had been 5 days since the last big arrival of birds and in between there had been both clear skies and norhterly gales. That had to mean that only a few birds would linger – but the hope of a pale hippolais or a good phyllo made me go. But I was surprised to see that there were quite a few birds on the island. Soon some five willow warblers, two common rosefinches, two garden warblers, 1-2 barred warblers and a merlin were seen -but no rarities were found. Obviously a lot of birds had departed, but interestingly enough new birds had come in in spite of the bad conditions. Maybe this is what makes it a real hot-spot.

Still way to many leafs on the trees...

Today I checked Eiði and Streymnes. As is normal some birds tend to end up in more mature gardens and plantations inland after arriving further out. The plantation in Streymnes thus contained a wood warbler, a garden warbler and a willow warbler and two barn swallows were in Hvalvík. But again nothing rare was found. Patience my friend, patience… but now the rehearsal is over the the fun is about to start!


One comment on “Rehearsal is over…

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Yes, exciting times and it goes by far too quickly.

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