Ruff times


Time for a short update. I can’t boast of our neighbours *mega’s* like the icelandic alpine swift, the norwegian siberian accentor or grey-necked bunting or a pallid harrier on Shetland. Not that I haven’t looked. But it’s “ruff” times here. So yesterday gave a ruff at Viðareiði and a willow warbler in Klaksvík. But strong southeasterly winds made me go for Svínoy today. I simply love that island and it had proven its potential. And today was no exception. The island was loaded with hundreds if not thousands of meadow pipits and hundreds of norhtern wheatears.
But it seems like the southeasterlies haven’t had the expected impact just yet. Well, the island contained my first spotted flycatcher this year and some redpolls were also present, but warblers were almost totally absent – only one chiffchaff was what I found. But hey, it’s not even mid august, so what should I expect?

Well, I surely hope for something good before then end of the month – but not this time.


One comment on “Ruff times

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Thousands of Meadow Pipits and hundreds of Wheatears- you have to love migration hotspots!

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