Mogan and Bala

Today I went out at about 5 in the morning to do a last day of intensive birding before heading home next week. I first went to Lake Mogan, which has become one of my favourite locations – both because there are a lot of birds and because it only takes about 30 minutes to reach.

The black-winged stilts had youngs and were rather aggresive, some of them chasing both white storks and little egrets. A few kentish plovers were also around, but the real highligt were 5 ferruginous ducks giving good views as long as I stayed in the car.

Having enjoyed them and other birds at Mogan for about two hours I went to Bala. I haven’t been there before, but it is an area with lakes and marshes southeast of Ankara. When I came there were some 400 greater flamingos, lots of white storks and about 20 black storks and hundreds of ruddy shelducks.

No real rarities were around so I decided to take some photos of the calandra larks in the area – it is a species which it good to have in mind as there is quite an invasion going on these days in western Europe. Maybe one is waiting for me at the Faroes?

At Bala there were quite a few herons including little egret, purple heron, grey heron and a splendid cattle egret.

On the way home it started hailing like nothing I’ve seen, but I managed to get home safely – unlike several other unlucky drivers!


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