Family weekend

This weekend we went to a lodge northwest of Ankara. I didn’t expect to see much since it was family time. But the good thing about birds is, that they are everywhere. Between the city of Bolu and the black see coast there are more than 70 km of forest – some of which is self-sown. It could contain green warbler and eastern bonelli’s warbler, but I didn’t find any. It acturally felt more like the alps or central Sweden with all the pine forests and chaffinches and chiffchaffs singing, while honey buzzards soared the skies. But there were other birds too. Serins are very common there and bee-eaters, hoopoes, turkish black redstarts and krupers nuthatches were seen now and then. But well, the weekend was mostly used for relaxing, playing with the kids, making camp fire and BBQ’ing marshmallows.

On saturday we drove to Lake Yenicaga. My hope was to see an eastern imperial eagle, but rain and clouds killed my dream. But a flock of rose-coloured starlings, 3 red-footed falcons, opsrey, little bittern, spanish sparrows and great reed warblers were all nice birds there. Surely the place has a lot of potential.

When we went home we took some mountain roads. It took a long time, but the view was awesome. And a few good birds were seen. These include two iranias, male rock thrush, sardinian warbler, epyptian vultures and greater short-toed larks. So even though it wasn’t an intensive birding weekend the result was pretty good!



One comment on “Family weekend

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Sorry to hear that you missed Eastern Imperial Eagle (so far) but am impressed with Rose-coloured Starling!

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