Due to internet problems I haven’t been able to update the blog for a few days. But that does not mean that I haven’t been birding. A few days ago I went back to Mavi Gölü. It is not a superb place at all, since pretty much everything is turned into a piknik-area. But there are a few hundred square meters of reeds, which contain a lot of migrating warblers – and some breeding birds too. I managed to see 5 cetti’s warblers, great reed, reed, marsh, sedge, moustached, icterine, willow, lesser white and common whitethroat – so it was quite good even though I had hoped for a grashopper warbler – just to tease Emin, who hasn’t seen it in Turkey yet. But a nice surprise were about four little bitterns, which gave good views on some occasions and a night heron flying by.

I’ve also visited Mogan Gölü where I saw a few greater flamingos, 5 spoonbills, 20+ white-winged terns and all the common stuff – even though the wags and pipits pretty much have gone. A male red-footed falcon chasing a lesser kestrel was cool.

Today I went with my family to a nice old city called Beypazari – about 100 km west of Ankara. We enjoyed the old ottoman houses and the egyptian vultures soaring the skies. But I managed to convince the others that we should see some nature too, so we went to the mountains around Beypazari. There were quite a lot of good birds like cirl, black-headed, rock and ortulan buntings, golden oriole, short toed snake eagle, red-backed and woodchat shrike, rock nuthatch, alpine swifts and finally I managed to find an eastern orphean warbler – I only saw it for a short while and didn’t get any pics, but a lifer non the less.

We also visited the rubbish dump, where there were 30+ egyptian vultures, which was a nice sight taking into consideration, that this is listed as threatened worldwide.



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