City birding

It is not possible to be out in the national parks, near the lakes or out in good birding areas all the time. But who says it is nessecary? I have had good oppertunities to bird some parks here in Ankara and it has been surprisingly good. The city is sort of a waist land for many birds – except magpies, house sparrows and the like. Thus many birds try to avoid the city and during good migration conditions almost nothing turns up in the parks. But I’ve been blessed with one of the wettest springs in Ankara for a long time. This has meant that the parks have been packed with birds some days. One day gave for instance 6-7 wrynecks in a tiny park and 3 were seen at the same time.

Anything could show up on a good day and I’ve managed to see quite good birds for Ankara. These include blue rock thrush and woodchat shrike. But bonelli’s hasn’t turned up yet.
I have been a little outside of Ankara. Lake Mogan finally revealed its breeding white-headed ducks in the early morning and some 50+ squacco herons were quite nice – some of them putting on quite a show.

A try for the breeding imperial eagles south of Ankara didn’t work out, but good birds like siberian stonechat and rock bunting were enountered.


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